Installing the Nomad Radio Heavy-Duty High-Voltage Rectifier/Filter board in the Pride DX-300 Amplifier @2004

Preliminary version 0.11 08/02/2004


The Pride DX-300 contains HIGH VOLTAGES that can KILL.

-> YOU. <-


If you do not posess professional qualifications (and liability insurance) then please DO NOT attempt ANY of the procedures we provide here. Don't buy the board if you can NOT have it installed by a professional, or if YOU do not have the skills and training to do it yourself.
The safety hazards inside the cabinet make working on one of these yourself just, plain SUICIDE unless you know what you are doing, and have the necessary safety training to make servicing high-voltage circuitry a safe proposition.
By clicking the link below, you solemnly swear to abide by the advice I just gave you.

I agree NOT to kill myself attempting this repair.

    Besides, if you DO, and your estate tries to sue me for liability or 'wrongful death", I will immediately file a countersuit for at least three times as much for breach of contract. You DID agree NOT to.