Not really the Nomad Radio Home Page. After all this IS a 'non-commercial' web space. Nomad Radio is a business, so this isn't really its home page.

What this page really does is provide links to the preliminary web pages stored here. Much simpler than all those separate links. Nothing fancy. Hope you know how to use the "Back" button.

Here's the first one that went up.  "The Zoo"
It's almost two years out of date.More and more items are missing from it all the time. The Zoo2 is way overdue.

One item we really can sell now is what we call the "Key Board". It's a small circuit board that installs inside a transceiver that lacks an accessory socket with external amplifier switching. Can't tell you how much or how to order it, not on a "non-commercial" web page, anyway.

The instructions to install one of them have been written for a handful of specific radio models. More of them are on the wish list, like Galaxy DX-2517, Saturn, RCI2980, Cobra 2000GTL and others.

Installing the Key Board in a Turbo or similar radio.

The same thing for newer "DX" radio models.

The other item that we can ship is pretty specialized. It's built to fit only two specific transmitters: The Browning Golden Eagle Mark III SSB transmitter, (the one that's just as big as the receiver) and the earlier, Mark II model SSB-15 sideband-only transmitter. Only the Mark III SSB  has an installation page. Might never write one for the SSB-15.

Installing the Nomad Radio Slider Buffer

The Nomad Radio Slider Converter is still a prototype, and who knows when it will be ready for prime-time? I don't.

I managed to write an installation page for just one of all the old AM-only transmitters that it will fit. Too bad it's not a product I can ship. Yet. Needs refinement. Sorry.

The Slider Converter

Here's an item that sells okay at a price of $200.00 plus tax, shipping, insurance, etc. It's only a "How to Use", so far and NOT a "How to Hook it Up".

Operating the Nomad Radio Digital Slider

Yeah, it should show how to hook it up in the Mark III SSB transmitter. Soon. We always say that.

Don't expect any pictures of the building, or of me. Might put one up showing the tower and beams. Devilishly hard to get a good image of an antenna.

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