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It's an inside joke, of a sort.

The e-mail address above is NOT set up so you can just click on it, and send us e-mail. Neither can the spampbots. That's the point. If you are not yet sufficiently annoyed to type it in yourself, that's okay too.

, First update in years! 1) The Mark 4 synthesizer is a discontinued product. No longer available 2) Our new host is My sincere thanks to Bennie and for hosting us for 14 years virtually trouble-free! More updates later. But we always say that. is a sideline of Nomad Radio, a brick-and-mortar (lumber and shingle?) business founded in 1975, under new management since 1980.

In the yellow pages, we're shown at 1615 Bardstown Road Louisville, KY 40205.

Nomad Radio does NOT offer "shipped-in, shipped-out" repair and maintenance services. Those are still strictly a "Carry-in, Carry-out" business activity. on the other hand, is a different story. We have developed a handful of unique "Add-on" and replacement accessories for various amateur and CB radios and amplifiers. Just how we'll offer these to qualified individuals who posess technical skills ONLY still has me stumped. Don't really want to sell an upgrade kit to someone who will blow up his radio (or self) and blame me for his incompetence, let alone lack of simple common sense. For now, I am relying on big, annoying disclaimers to discourage people WITHOUT technical skills from trying to install any of this stuff. If you have no experience with the insides of a radio or amplifier, PLEASE don't choose one of these as a "First-Time" project.

The rumors about replacement boards for the Pride DX-300 are partly true. And getting truer all the time.

    UPDATE 8-30-2004... The Pride DX300 HeavyDuty High Voltage board is now available as a kit.

 Pride Heavy-Duty High Voltage replacement board

     Until August of 2004, the only material we had on the Web was 'parked' at my "Non-Commercial personal" web space hosted by my ISP. Ten megs was plenty of space, and all of the stuff shown there was "under development", as they say.

    Now that some of them are ready to sell, I should revise the "installation" web pages to include ordering info, prices, etc. No such luck, for now.

     Instead, I just copied the stuff over to this new, "commercial" (I hope) host, unchanged. Some of it is pretty old and out-of-date. Sooner or later I'll revise them to reflect sale prices and ordering info. For now, just getting it moved over and accessible from the web is challenge enough, thanks.

Old Nomad Radio Web Pages

Don't expect any pictures of the building, or of me. Might put one up showing the tower and beams. Devilishly hard to get a good image of an antenna.

This revision September, 2004. Entire contents copyright 2004,

I left out our phone number on purpose. Wouldn't be much point to list it here. When phone calls get too heavy, the answering machine earns its nickname "The Black Hole".

This stuff is at the very end of the page for a reason. It is s-o-o-o-o preliminary. Not that I haven't been promising this one for, well, never mind how  long. Too long.

It is NOT, I repeat, NOT complete. Don't know when it will be.

It is just    barely more than nothing so far.

Installing the Nomad Radio channel synthesizer in the Browning Golden Eagle Mark IV

It is so preliminary that all comments are welcome. Honest.